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Sovereigns of the Storm

Sovereigns of the Storm is a two-book dystopian political thriller set in 2072-73, about thirty-five years after financial Armageddon destroyed the affluent, globalised world we know today.

Prentice Nightminster (widely known as Big Knight due to his unusual height) is an eighteen year old of the highest ambitions. Growing up in poverty is not going to stop him breaking through all caste prejudices to claim his destiny amongst the wealthy ‘sovereign’ elite.

It’s just a matter of how it’s going to happen. Big Knight will take any risk, slog through any task, confront any opponent no matter how powerful or violent to get what he wants.

Sovereigns of the Storm is a story of love, triumph and tragedy across the stage of a dark age in which only might is right.

Sovereigns of the Collapse

Sovereigns of the Collapse is a five-book dystopian saga of political intrigue, high adventure and revolutionary war during the years 2106-07.

Three ambitious people are fighting their way up through a society where the rules are whatever the powerful want them to be, and losers drop to oblivion. Donald Aldingford is a crack barrister, his younger brother Lawrence Aldingford is a fast-tracked military officer, Lawrence’s fiancee Sarah-Kelly Newman is a cell leader of a radical political party that agitates for reform. All three get wrapped in the schemes of rival oligarchs, and all three lose everything.

But there are ways of fighting back. Follow the twists and turns of action through intrigue, revolution, counter-revolution and tactical nuclear war .

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