The Value System

Far from the eyes of the world thrives a nest of evil.

Lawrence Aldingford has been condemned to eight years’ slave labour for crimes he did not commit. He arrives at a mysterious camp, the Value System, deep in the marshes of eastern England. It turns out to be the living nightmare of a criminally insane mind. No one is ever released. No one has ever escaped. Lawrence is there for life.

He has three options: endure hell, commit suicide, or be the first to escape. Very quickly, he vows he’ll escape or die trying. The problem is finding a partner; marsh savages take their time killing anyone who breaks out of the Value System. No one has ever escaped.

Then Lawrence is approached by another slave called Antonio Pezzini, who was a senior official of the powerful Krossington clan. Pezzini shares secrets that could destroy not just the Value System but the whole sovereign caste. 

But first they have to escape across miles of savage-infested desolation. And winter is falling.