Death by Decent Society

Since the financial Armageddon, it’s been guns, gold and lots of slaves.

It is 2106. Seventy years have passed since our times collapsed in complete banking disaster. Overpopulation, mass extinctions and climate change are no longer problems. The world is Paradise—for some.

Donald Aldingford survives as a London barrister who asks no questions. On a flight to see a client, he is shot down and jailed for trespassing in private airspace. This misfortune kicks his life down a landslide of tumbling consequences that exposes him to the bloody underbelly of ‘decent society’. He is appalled by the barbarity of the soldiers of the rich. He is not alone. Revolution is in the air. To begin with, he guards his neutrality.

When events intensify however, he is forced to take sides to save the woman he loves. This wins him the starring role of a rebellion he does not even support.

There is no way back to his old life. Now he’s a revolutionary, and his only escape is to victory. Can he build a truly decent society? Or will he get sucked into a vortex of mass-murder?