The Church of Nuclear Science

Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes it’s a nuclear trap.

The most forceful individuals will not be cowed by the Republic of the New Nation. Donald aims to defeat the fanatics of the National Party. Lawrence has sworn to destroy the Value System of Nightminster. Sarah-Kelly is determined to expose the crimes of the glory trusts. All three walk straight into a trap laid by the great sovereign Tom Krossington.

After which everyone—including Tom Krossington—has to find new ways of staying alive. Despite their mutual loathing, Donald and Lawrence embark on a long and dangerous winter journey hoping to gain asylum with the Church of Nuclear Science. On the way, they discover not all that glitters is gold.

Meanwhile, Sarah-Kelly’s Atrocity Commission is reaching farther and farther from London.

The Church of Nuclear Science is the third book of the Sovereigns of the Collapse dystopian thriller series.