Sovereigns of the Collapse

The Nitro Group

Sovereigns of the Collapse is a series of four dystopian novels set during the most disastrous social collapse of recorded history. Nation states, governments, social welfare, legal tender, national armed forces, national police, international trade, international corporations, long-distance electricity transmission, tourism, consumerism, media, basic human rights… All vanished unto history in the (so-called by those who benefited from it) Glorious Resolution of 2038-40.

Radio transmissions are banned under stringent laws of trespass, enforced by radio-direction finders and batteries of heavy guns. Tall buildings are demolished out of respect for privacy. Aircraft that stray over private land get shot down. Electricity pylons have become battle towers standing guard over the frontiers of privacy. Airliners have been turned into coins. Sternly are the privileges of discretion enforced! The Haves live amid a glorious and peaceful spleandour not known since the building of the first railways. And the Have-nots? They are glad with what they have, if they are lucky enough to have anything.

Set mainly in Britain in the early years of the 22nd century, the stories follow a cast of characters as they vie for survival and power amid the violent convulsions of their times.

A Bloody Arrogant Power  (Book 1) and The Night of Blind Ambition (Book 2) are set in 2106. Their protagonists are brothers, opposite in temperament but united by their determination to survive, not vanish into the Nameless Gone. The books introduce a world long-settled in its ways, pitiless by our standards, but well suited to the values of the privileged few who rule according to their complacency. Our world of the Public Era has faded to a vague collective memory, its sprawl largely destroyed, its highways the dumping ground of surplus, its incredible technical achievements forgotten by most, or else rendered unto legend. But outrage against the long abuses of power cannot be suppressed forever. As rebellion gains momentum, individual survival becomes a matter of adroit guesswork with a big slab of luck.

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The Nitro Group is the provisional title of a series as yet only in the early stages of planning.

It will be a global pandemic apocalypse.

The pathogen that wipes out all higher life forms on Earth is like nothing you have ever heard of before. It is not a fever or plague in the conventional sense, nor is it a virus that causes galloping cancer or anything like that.

Once it gets going, there will be no escape, except into the most dismal level of lifelong bunker existence, where life can only last as long as the food does…

It’s out there today, quiet, unknown, unsuspected, as it has been for all of the time humanity has existed. It’s just that no one has yet blundered upon it in its desolate natural habitat.

You are not going to guess what it is.

But don’t let that stop you trying!

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