Sovereigns of the Collapse Series Launch

As of 14th July 2020, I will be launching the Sovereigns of the Collapse series of five novels at three-week intervals. The complete series will be available by 7th October, with the boxed set being released on 27th October.

About a year ago, I launched my first novel, A Bloody Arrogant Power. This was to be the first book of a series. It was followed about six weeks later by a second book, The Night of Blind Ambition.

At that time I was rather naive about book marketing. As the months passed and I continued to write the later books of the series, I was also experimenting with promotion of the two published books. Marketing is one of those skills you can really only acquire by doing and learning from experience. Reading will only take you so far. It became clear to me that neither the existing covers nor titles were effective in positioning the books. In addition, I decided to rewrite the first half of Book 1 to give readers an even more compelling lead-in to the world of ‘decent society’.

For all these reasons, I decided to launch the series only after having completed all five novels, in order to have a complete set to offer. The two existing published books would be withdrawn.

It has been a long, hard slog to bring the full series to the market place. It is particularly satisfying to be able to issue all of the books over a short time period and thereby have a complete package in my backlist.

Here’s hoping that you find the effort worthwhile, dear reader!