The Sack of Oxford

Lust for life or lust for death? That is the question.

‘Big Knight’ Nightminster now has the gold to commence building his own estate. He is not troubled that His Decency Tom Krossington treats him as a mere servant. When Big Knight makes his move, there will be nothing his sovereign masters can do about it.

But there is a problem. There is another ‘commoner’ in London with vast ambitions—and Big Knight knows him only too well. Sebastian Smith is the new president of the Official SUN Party and self-styled champion of peaceful reform. He soon proves to have his own ways of getting things done.

Big Knight forges ahead with blind determination, discovering depths of ruthlessness he never knew he possessed. However, the danger from Sebastian Smith is growing. The two men’s ambitions are set to collide in a catastrophe that will change Britain forever.The Sack of Oxford is the second and concluding book in the Sovereigns of the Storm dystopian series.