The Sack of Oxford

Lust for life or lust for death? That is the question.

Big Knight opens the New Year of 2073 as he means to live—with Victorina Krossington by his side. However, the Krossington clan has other ideas about her union with a ‘commoner’. Their love is forbidden.

Not one to let bigots obstruct his life, Big Knight proceeds with his plans to get exceedingly rich. The Krossingtons will help him, although they don’t yet know it.

There is a problem. Another ‘commoner’ emerges from the smoke of London with eyes fixed on absolute power. His name is Sebastian Smith, and he is no stranger to Big Knight. The two men’s ambitions are going to collide in a catastrophe that will change Britain forever.

The Sack of Oxford is the second and concluding book in the Sovereigns of the Storm dystopian series.

Continue the saga into the next generation in the sequel series Sovereigns of the Collapse.